Our beloved seniors are more isolated than ever. Right now is the time to check in with them and connect. Call your loved ones, record their insights, wisdom, and stories and share them with the world.

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About Silver Screen

Silver Screen Studios gives amazing seniors their moment in the spotlight

From legendary seniors like Screenwriter Norman Lear, Actress Marion Ross, and Senator Carl Levin, Silver Screen Studios presents a series of documentary shorts, to inspire audiences – to live a meaningful last act of our lives – with creativity, wisdom, wit, and candor. At any age, we can learn about the past directly from the people who lived it, creating space for an intergenerational dialogue that empowers, informs and entertains.

A new series about aging

A daring escape from Nazi occupied Austria over 80 years ago. A near death experience while studying in Mexico to become a bullfighter. A psychedelic journey with The Grateful Dead. A lifetime of service as one of the country’s most admired senators. An epic 400th performance of Othello, 70 years in the making. These are some of the stories in Coming of Age, a series of short documentaries about amazing seniors who continue to thrive in old age.

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Silver Screen Studios offers two levels of video production services.


You write the script, film the subject and edit the footage, but we’ll show you how.

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You write the script and film the subject. We show you how and edit the video.

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We write, film and edit the video for you, producing professional-grade results.

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