Connect With Your Older Loved Ones Now

Download our video guide for tips on how to share their story and questions below. Submit your videos and we’ll share them with the World.

Welcome to Dispatches from Quarantine, a new digital series, where we simply ask you to call your older loved ones, check in, record them (with some prompted questions from us) and we will edit the footage and share as part of an online series. Join the conversation now!

We welcome any format of videos: Zoom (the easiest way to record if your elder loved one has the capability); FaceTime recording or self recorded I-Phone Videos. If you have any questions, we are on call for you to help navigate the best way to do this.

Please shoot up to 3-5 minutes and horizontally if it’s from your phone. Please submit videos to our dropbox here.

Sample Questions & Tips

Open – Ended Wisdom

  • How are you doing right now, coping with the coronavirus pandemic?
  • What does your day look like right now?
  • How does this remind you of different times in your life when you have dealt with hardships and challenges?
  • What are some words of wisdom to share with the world?

Getting started is easy…

  • No special recording equipment necessary – your phone will do just fine.
  • Aim for short and sweet, around 3 minutes.
  • Documentary style! Stay off camera.
Download the Guide